Family Preservation Services

MLC assist families with acquiring the skills necessary to safely maintain children in their home
and link them to community resources to support long-term success.


Person/Family Centered counseling to help address issues within the home that may include
family conflicts, marital and drug/alcohol counseling.

In-Home Case Management Clinical/Paraprofessional:

Provides clinical services to assist children and families in meeting the defined permanency goals (i.e., reunification, adoption, custody to relative, guardianship) and steps as outlined in the case plan.

Psychiatric Evaluations:

Conducted by a licensed psychiatrist, who through the use of clinical interviewing techniques, will evaluate an individual or family’s social, intellectual and overall well-being; producing a comprehensive assessment.

Court Appearance Testimony Therapist/Paraprofessional:

Based on request and authorization

Trauma Assessments:

Screening and assessing for trauma symptoms (exposure and impact), as well as in regard to determining how trauma affects healthy functioning, are essential in determining care for children/adolescent and adults.

Substance Abuse:

Utilizing the NEEDS (Adults) or the JASAE (Adolescent) as the screening tool to identify high or low probability of substance or alcohol dependence disorder and provide clinical insight into ASAM Level of need for treatment. Screening Tool includes an initial drug screen (urine).

Anger Management:

A comprehensive assessment of strengths and weaknesses in the areas of anger and
impulse control, overall level of aggressiveness, the ability to manage stress and stressful situations, anger
expression and the capacity for change and motivation to improve.